Interactive Spectatorships

Media Viewing Practices in the Digital Age


Welcome to the website for the Learning and Teaching Enhancement project: Interactive Spectatorships. Funded and based at University College Falmouth, the project aims to investigate the effect of social networking technologies, and the attendant influence of new digital cultures, on film studies pedagogic practice specifically and film spectatorship generally. We aim to explore the potential for communications media such as twitter to be deployed as a interactive tool for facilitating students' critical engagement and discussion of indicative viewing.

Analysis will be based on a spectatorship model that relays a live twitter feed of viewer comments back to the audience as they watch a film. The aim is to produce real-time immediate viewer debate and discussion, posing a range of questions and thus providing a stream of responses which can be used as the basis for subsequent seminar learning. This website will chart the development of the project, giving details of special interactive screenings and events. It will also be used as a discussion forum and hub for the aggregation of relevant research and knowledge. So please contact us and get involved!